Inverloch Cultural Discovery Centre

Phase 2

A world of discovery awaits

The Cultural Discovery Centre at Inverloch will deliver an ‘all weather’ visitor experience that explores the connections between the internationally significant polar dinosaurs, the environment, and culture of Bass Coast.

The contemporary building, planned as a future stage of the Bass Coast Dinosaurs Trail, will deliver a strong focal point for the Inverloch community. The multi-faceted centre will facilitate formal, and informal education experiences, through interactive displays and programs. With high levels of visitor amenities, and working spaces for natural and cultural specialists, the centre will deliver a world-class destination for enquiry and discovery for families, schools and special interest groups.

A tourism destination

Designed to celebrate the incredibly significant polar dinosaurs of the area, the centre will deliver world-class centre to explore the natural and cultural heritage of the area, including Bunurong communities, the Traditional Owners of the area.

Beyond delivering a centre, the project will create a new tourism destination within the Bass Coast. Physically linked with the neighbouring Dino Hunters Playground, the whole site will be reimagined as vibrant community hub that is home to Bass Coast’s environment and heritage communities. The Cultural Discovery Centre will quickly become a destination of choice along the Bass Coast Dinosaurs Trail, representing a significant tourism and economic opportunity for the region.

"Inspired by the natural landscape of Bass Coast and referencing the earthbound nature of palaeontology, the Centre is rammed earth and enveloped in landscape berms, the layers telling the story of time and place."

Justin Noxon

NOXON Architecture